Becky, shares with husband for daily commitments

Becky, shares with husband for daily commitments

From Becky “Why I like TimeTree is because it allows my husband and myself to keep on top of our daily commitments. It’s such an easy app to use and I love the daily alert to what we have planned for the day.

It’s easy to customize the colors and you can even add a background picture.

I love the message that comes up on our daily alert. It always makes me smile and is such a personal touch.”

💡How do we specifically use TimeTree...

We use the TimeTree app for all of our commitments. We are able to see what each other has planned for the day and put things in the diary without having to wait for the other person to confirm availability.

We use it to help organize our sons childcare and also his activities too.

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💚Comment from TimeTree Team

Thank you Becky for sharing your TimeTree usage! Looks like you have managed label settings. It is easy to see what is the event about! It is a good idea to use a memo and put it into the priority order!

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