Dasha mainly uses the personal calendar option

Dasha mainly uses the personal calendar option

From Dasha “I like TimeTree because it’s efficient to use and keep track of deadlines. Being able to see everything I have planned for the entire month makes scheduling so easy! I’ve been much more organized and haven’t missed a single deadline since I started using TimeTree.”

💡How do I specifically use TimeTree...

I use TimeTree for everything related to planning. I use it for anything ranging from keeping track of school assignments, to bank payments, and all the way down to logging when and how much I exercised each day. It’s convenient to see everything in one summarized view!

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💚Comment from TimeTree Team

Thank you Dasha, for sharing your TimeTree usage and taking your time for an online interview! Labels are well differentiated with topics and it is easy to see what kind of events are coming at a glance! We were happy to see that TimeTree is making your life much easier.

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