Marie, sharing with boyfriend to plan out daily life

Marie, sharing with boyfriend to plan out daily life

From Marie Like isn’t a strong word enough, I absolutely love TimeTree. I’m a student and I work a part time job, I have a business and a social life to live. I was always running out of time and TimeTree has really helped me planning my days and my week. I also absolutely love that you can share your calendars with people. I share mine with my boyfriend that way we always know when date night can be ;)

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I specifically use TimeTree with my boyfriend to plan our day, we don’t have the same working schedule or school schedule but we still want to make sure that we have time to each other. I use TimeTree to plan our weeks so that way we always know when we can go out or when the other one is busy!

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Thank you Marie, for sharing your TimeTree usage! Seems that you are well customizing your calendars with changing backgrounds and label colors!

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